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Starters for Sharing

Famous BBQ Tacos-

Build your own tacos (20) with chipotle sour cream, lettuce, pico, and cheese.  Choose pork, brisket, or turkey. $67.59

Collard Green Dip & Chips-

Tray of warm tortilla chips with cheesy dip seasoned with our slow-cooked collard greens. $38.07

Smoked Chicken Wings-

50 jumbo wings slow smoked and then glazed on the grill. Served with ranch and bleu cheese dressing. $81.73

Black n Bleu Chips-

A tray of crispy-fried and seasoned potato chips topped with bleu cheese fondue, chopped pork, and fresh cilantro. $50.79

Smokin’ Nachos-

A tray of fried corn tortillas with pico, bbq ranch dressing, corn, beans, cilantro, cheese, and chopped brisket.  $54.06


BBQ by the LB

When ordering by the pound, figure about 3-4 people per pound of meat.


  St Louis Ribs (slab) … $29.38

  Chopped Pork  Shoulder … $18.07

  Beef Brisket … $21.25

  Smoked Turkey Breast … $18.62

  BBQ’d Chicken (whole bird) … $17.44


  Fried Catfish … $19.44

  Smoked Sausage … $17.62

A BBQ Party

Combination Feast

Choose two meats from the pit

(excludes ribs), and two side orders.

Includes our famous sweet rolls,

pickles, and BBQ sauce.

 $131 feeds 8-10. $232 feeds 18-20. $592 feeds 45-50.

BBQ Sandwiches For All

Choose your meat, or a combination: 

Pork - Brisket - Pulled Chicken - Turkey 

Choose two side orders. Includes buns, pickles, and BBQ sauce. 

$103 feeds 8-10. $186feeds 18-20. $476 feeds 45-50

Ribs & More

Includes our famous St. Louis Ribs.  Choose a meat to go wi th your Ribs, and two side orders.  Includes o ur famous sweet rolls, pickles, and  BBQ Sauce. 

$165 feeds 8-10. $322 feeds 19-20. $811 feeds 45-50

The Family Dinner Pack


Whole Chicken, 1/2 Slab of Ribs

Choose 1/2 lb: Pork, Brisket, or Turkey

Choose 3 Pints of SIdes

6 Sweet Rolls

Gallon Sweet Tea



Party-size Sides

Quart $12.79 (feeds 6-8), Half Pan $33.64 (feeds 15-18), Full Pan $62.02 (feeds 45-50)

BBQ Beans, Apple Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Sweet Potato Souffle, Collard Greens

Green Beans, Cheese Grits, Macaroni 'n Cheese, Creamed Corn, Fried Okra

Dessert for a Crowd

Half Pan $33.64, Full Pan $62.02


Strawberry Cobbler

Apple Crisp

Banana Pudding


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