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Our Manifesto states our intentions and goals.  These are the unquestionable, without-a-doubt, consistent standards for what we do and why we do it.  It is our intention every day to be a one-of-a-kind experience for each and every stakeholder who chooses to participate in a relationship with Johnson Barbeque. 

Delivering this experience to our guests is the life blood of our work.  Everyone has a BBQ heritage: whether it's of burgers on the grill at holidays, or secret family recipes, or the familiar taste of regional BBQ.  Our knowledge, procedures, and urgency in execution are what we are all about.  Our stated beliefs on how to deliver Great Service and what we believe about Great Food are what we work towards every day.  We believe when you are at Johnson Barbeque with a group, you will want to all each order a different item so you can share the experience of truly authentic, smoked foods.

We strive to be “the place to go” in our community.  We believe people want to be able to claim a restaurant as their own by knowing the team, identifying and celebrating like interests, and having a place to take out-of-town guests for a unique experience. We believe in being the place to go for the community’s military members and public servants, by giving as much as we can, and offering the rest at a discounted rate for them.

We are a great place to work because we believe serving people is a supremely fun and valuable task, and seems to be a lost art in our time.  When you work, you know exactly what is expected of you.  You have the support of a knowledgeable leader.  You are partnered with other members of the staff to exceed goals and expectations.  Every team member is empowered to do whatever it takes to make our guests happy, and we work with the mantra that “… every guest will have a great experience because of me!”

As a Front of House (FOH) or Back of House (BOH) employee, it is important for you to know we are working toward the same goals: Great Food and Exceptional Service.

FOH goals include attention to each and every guest who drives into our parking lot, whether it be for dining in or take-out.   Outside for the guests seated in your station, our standard for guest interaction includes the 15-10-5 Rule.  Within 15 ft of a guest: Make Eye Contact; 10ft: Greeting; 5 ft: Casual Conversation.  We try to get to know our guests by name, welcome back regulars, and make new guests familiar enough to want to come back.  We celebrate the Service members of our communities (military, public safety workers) with a discount on all food and plus a free beverages.  We celebrate Special Occasions by getting the whole restaurant to sing for the occasion.  We celebrate kids by offering free ice cream and giving out t-shirts for extra special interactions.  We are knowledgeable about our food so we can be able to introduce new guests to all of our menu, and to be able to persuade returning guests to try something new, for a change.  We encourage sharing by persuading new guests to each order something different so all can try each dish and see what they like the best.  We look for opportunities to tell our guests about new items and to tell them about our favorites. 

BOH goals include delivering great-tasting, fun, unique food through our service staff to guests in a timely manner.  We will be immaculate and 100% consistent in our presentation and un-compromising in our standards for our Food Plates.  We will go above and beyond with customer service by acting as a FOH employee when around our guests: greeting, talking, smiling. 

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